Tríne Chéile


Some thoughts shared by Des McInerney, a participant from Tallaght who has been with us throughout the process of developing Out of the Ordinary / As an nGnách over the last two years.

It all started with an online writer's workshop during 'The Plague'. In the process of this exchange of views and interactions between this diverse group covering all aspects of creative activity; video, voice and all aspects of sound and music, we then somehow segued into operatic composition. Some of us were scratching our heads wondering how we got to a situation where we were now actively involved in the creation of a new opera when some of us had never been to an opera in our lives! During workshops, themes were investigated with colleagues from all around the country, including the islands, Irish legends, folklore and myth were examined. Then we had a mass weekend meeting where all these themes were explored and defined, it was very Trína Chéile! But somehow from all this interaction, a theme developed, we were all carried along by sheer enthusiasm, we met musicians, sound engineers, camera people, explored visual dimensions like 3D, we were hurtling at the speed of light towards a final view of what this project would look like. Then eventually there was a finished project, all our small seeds had somehow materialised into a fully grown creative tree, it was a tremendous sense of achievement personally to have a diminutive part in such a big project, all those sessions, online and in person, suddenly bore fruit. Personally it was an eye-opening creative journey, through fields I’d have never imagined, it meant a landmark in my creative development, even in my late stage of life. At the end of it, it all made sense, nothing more seemed Tríne Chéile!

Des McInerney

Thanks Des for being a part of our artistic journey!


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